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I’m an award-winning news and documentary camera operator and producer with over 10 years of hands-on experience in making news, current affairs features and documentaries.


I’ve filmed humanitarian crises, conflicts and crime stories in challenging locations and sensitive environments, including the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Central America. My work has been featured on the BBC, NBC, VICE, Netflix, Al Jazeera, PBS, Disney Plus, RTÉ, CGTN, The Guardian among others.


I'm a Pulitzer Centre fellow and member of the Frontline Freelance Register. I often work as a solo or part of a small footprint documentary/news crew in the role of Shoot Edit, Producer Director, as well as a DP part of larger teams. 

I have practical experience with a wide range of video production equipment and stay up to date with the latest camera technology, continually investing in equipment including 4K cameras, lenses, lighting and audio to ensure excellent results. In addition, I’m familiar with satellite delivery technology and hold a clean driver’s licence, HEFAT trained by Pangolin Security and have a PFCO drone permit.

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