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I'm an award-winning news and doc camera operator and PD with over ten years of hands-on experience in news, current affairs features and factual television.

I've filmed and produced both within the UK and abroad, covering conflicts, the environment, crime and political stories in Europe, MENA, Africa, South Asia and Central America. My work has featured with clients including ITN, AP, Nat Geo, Netflix, PBS, Disney+, VICE, TNM and NBC.

I'm a confident self-shooter and editor who can deliver quality footage from fast-paced run & gun to lit multi-cam interview setups & can comfortably edit in Premiere Pro.

I enjoy building rapport with contributors from all backgrounds and collaborating with them to tell their stories. I often work as part of a small footprint news crew, equally at home as part of a larger team.

I have a passion for the latest camera tech and have hands-on experience with a wide range of video production equipment. I'm an owner-operator of both Sony FX & Canon C series cameras as well gimbals, drones, action cameras & lights.

I'm HEFAT trained, have a US I-Visa, a UK drone permit and a clean driver's license. I'll drive anywhere. In my spare time, I like to climb mountains and wild camp.

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